It starts with true friendship at highschool age, the year 2009 in Brno, Czech Republic, founders were Jiri Svoboda, Ondrej Novotny, David Pospisil and Jan Ruzicka, who is still running with that wild beast. Leopard project is still changing, Jan has colaborate with all musicans around since founders left the jungle. It plays in clubs all around Middle Europe and also at festivals like Colours of Ostrava, Vienna Waves, Ceske hrady and more. 

TODAY Leopard project stay on producers Jan Ruzicka and his bass friend from childhood, Antonin Hadrava, there is LP album plans in 2018…

Professor Leopard pack in the past:

  • Ondrej Novotny / founder, vocal, guitar
  • Jiri Svoboda / founder, bass, synth
  • David Pospisil / founder drums, loops
  • Lukas Palan  / guitar, synth, backvocal
  • Frantisek Svoboda / sound engineer, producer
  • Jakub Adamek / sound engineer, producer
  • Jan Spirik / sound engineer
  • Leos Hort / drums, beats studio
  • Ema Brabcova / vocal studio
  • Veronika Sellnerova / backvocal studio
  • Pavel Briza / drums live
  • Josef Fiala / drums live
  • Vitek Chaloupecky / drums live
  • Emil Machain / drums studio
  • Filip Smetana / drums live
  • Adam Vrbas / vocal, guitar
  • Michal Janik / drums
  • Martin Nakladal / lights